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Face Mask / Violet Neoprene
Face Mask / Violet Neoprene
Face Mask / Violet Neoprene
Face Mask / Violet Neoprene
Face Mask / Violet Neoprene

Face Mask / Violet Neoprene

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ANDCOUTURE makes these extremely cool, non-medical grade facemasks 😷 with the best quality neoprene fabric, which is hand washable, dries very fast and is SUPER comfortable. They are available in lots of fun colors to match your favorite outfit, and in three different sizes.  These facemasks are handmade with a lot of love in USA, creating local jobs in 🇺🇸. ANDCOUTURE always gives back to our community, for every 5 masks sold we will donate one, so... the more masks we sell, the more we are able to donate 😁. Thanks for your purchase and support!!!


  • 100% High Quality Waterproof Neoprene Fabric (extra filter is not needed)
  • 4 way stretch fabric adjusts to your face size and shape, covering your nose, mouth and chin for maximum protection
  • Soft, comfortable and breathable
  • Increase comfort and fit by:
    • Adjusting the soft ear elastic by making an extra knot to the ear loop
    • Shaping the metallic nose bridge encloses inside the fabric
  • Simply wash by hand and air dry to maintain their beautiful color and shape, wash after wash
  • Each facemask comes individually wrapped in a clear bag
  • All of our HAPPY SAFE masks are handcrafted to the highest quality standards


  • M/L: Fits most adults. From nose to chin approx. 6.25 inches, from cheek to cheek approx. 8 inches.
  • S/P: Fits Petite Women and Kids 8 & Up. From nose to chin 5.75 inches, from cheek to cheek approx. 7.5 inches
  • XS: Fits Kids 4 to 7. From nose to chin approx. 5.5 inches, from cheek to cheek approx. 6.5 inches


This product is not made for medical purposes. It is designed as a protective barrier for occasional use.

ANDCOUTURE is not responsible for customers’ misuse of this product, such as using it as a medical grade mask, wearing it without properly adjusting it, etc.

Caution should be taken by people with any kind breathing difficulties.

All sales are FINAL. This product cannot be returned or exchanged.

Product is not suitable for use by children without adult supervision.