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Made for you to be happy and beautiful.


Proudly made in the USA.


The love that you put in the things you buy will project in how it feels when wearing them.


Makes you look beautiful and happy in every occasion.

Custom-made dresses:

Sometimes, you can’t find the proper dress for a very special occasion. I start with the best materials and a very detail-oriented process to make sure you look and feel your best in that special occasion. 

My clients come again and again looking for the same feeling of confidence and satisfaction that they experienced when wearing an And Couture custom-made dress.

Haute Couture Pink Dress Details
Haute Couture Wedding Dress Design Sketch
Haute Couture Pink Dress Details 3
Haute Couture Wedding Dress in the make

Custom-made accessories:

At times, you have the perfect dress, but you don’t have or can’t find the adequate accessories to complement it. Accessories have the power to transform a simple and elegant outfit to an unforgettable one. 

In those cases, I design and make custom-made accessories to my clients to complete the outfit and to make them feel remarkably confident and beautiful.

My Work Station for Custom-made Accessories

Haute couture alterations:

Occasionally, you find a dress that you love, and you know that with some adjustments it will be the perfect dress for you. On the other hand, these alterations must be thoughtfully and carefully made to accomplish the result you’re looking for.

Altering an haute couture dress can make it perfect or destroy it. I have the experience and knowledge to alter your dress to perfectly fit you to make you feel confident and look beautiful.

Haute Couture Dress on Mannequin

Home Styling:

When my clients come to my studio, they tell me how lovely and peaceful it is (That makes me SOOOO HAPPY!!!) .

Also, they asked for advice about how to décor their homes to accomplish the same feeling in a personal and stylish way.

I started this service to help my friends and clients to feel more comfortable and confident in their own spaces. Now I have helped many people to transform their houses in peaceful, beautiful and warm homes.

Haute Couture Pink Dress and Home Décor
My Living room Coffee Table - Home Décor


Wear what makes you happy and beautiful