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About me

I started AND COUTURE as a brand of haute couture dresses. After years designing and making evening and wedding dresses, I started making necklaces for myself, because I couldn't find what I was looking for in any store, people stopped me in the street asking if they were for sale, so I decided to  create a line of my most popular necklaces and that's how my collection of ANDCOUTURE accessories was born.


I was very happy because it was another way people can wear a piece of couture. Every piece is proudly handmade  in the USA in limited quantities.
I believe that giving back is an essential part of being happy. For that reason, my staff and I give part of our time to help others. Also, we donate part of our revenue to a variety of Charity Organizations in my beloved  City of Miami.
All pieces are made with a lot of LOVE and good energy. I hope that when you wear them, you feel all those good vibes.

I'm sure that when you try one of my pieces you're going to feel HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL!!

So it's time to LIVE HAPPY!!!